Friday, May 10, 2019 – Sunday, May 26, 2019

Opening Drinks Reception

Friday 10th May 7pm – 10pm

New Zealand’s Tyler Kennedy Stent on his upcoming exhibition:

All of the preparation work, drafts and smaller canvas works were done in the camp of Conscious Impact, in Sindhupalchuck, Nepal. I’ve carried these two little watercolour moleskin notebooks with me for most of the time that I’ve been away from New Zealand and am still constantly jotting down ideas and sketches. The majority of the paintings in ‘The Inner Child’ were drafted in the notebooks first. This allowed the work I was doing with Conscious Impact to have a direct influence on the paintings.

As for explanations of the paintings and their titles, I am hesitant to say too much. I paint because of the loss I have with words when it comes to trying to explain certain ideas and emotions. Particularly the concept of the Inner Child I find very abstract – it is based on the work of Carl Jung. I’ve always been fascinated with his more predominant ideas surrounding the Persona and the Shadow (Archetypes of his, based on how we intend to be perceived and by what we repress) but the smaller details, like the Inner Child, never seemed to me to be as significant up until now. 

In Nepal, due to a series of emotional events, I was made aware of my Inner Child. After I left, during a ceremony I was attending in the mountains of Catalonia, I came to realise how important this was and even that this could be attributed to why I paint children. Infants and young children have particular transparency when it comes to emotions. As an artist who intends to portray the emotion rather than the subject itself, this allows me to translate ideas with more ease to my audience.