Giles Walker is an artist who has been working with animatronics and introducing them into his sculptures for the past 25 years.
He has exhibited his work all over the world.
For the last six months he has been an Artist in Residence at Bonn University, Germany and been collaborating with RA sculptor, Tim Shaw, on an animatronic sculpture.
He has recently completed a project funded by Tavistock NHS Trust, which involved creating an artwork and working with young people who have recently left the care system.
In the past five years he has had three successful solo shows in London and one in LA.
Received two Arts Council Grants (in 2009 and 2013).
And been invited to exhibit, ‘The Last Supper’, at The London Science Museum for a six month period that started in February 2017.
This coincided with the hugely popular ROBOTS exhibition.



Taking art out of the gallery and into the wilds, MONSTER, will be an art experience to remember. As with Giles Walker’s impressive ‘Last Supper’, recently exhibited at The London Science Museum, MONSTER will be a kinetic installation but, this time, of intense proportions.


We need your support to help this artist build a totally relevant and immersive sculpture installation incorporating large scale animatronic figures and furniture choreographed into something resembling mechanical theatre.