Paintings & Drawings by Bael, Jospeh Loughborough, Robert Sample

12th – 28th June – view by appointment – contact 07976 692 751 / [email protected]

We are excited to be showing these three amazing artists in one exhibition. The Gallery will be physically open via appointment only. please email [email protected] for your time slot. 

A Three-Man Exhibition
Three unique Styles
Three Paintings by each Artist

Paintings & Drawings exploring inspiration &interpretation of each others works & that of historic artists.

Bael, Joe and Rob have known each other since they all showed work in similar galleries in Hoxton/Shoreditch during the street art boom of the early 2010s.

Their styles are very different, but all explore the human figure.

Rob’s paintings have a visceral, gorgeous realism to how he depicts the human form, which is second to none.

Joe’s work is entirely unique and seems to have been brought back from some kind of dreamscape or other dimension, he really does have a visual language that is unlike anyone else

Bael’s work is about stillness and simplicity, trying to evoke emotion in the human form with delicate line work and identifiable marks and hints of colour it exceeds fine art illustration.

  • Joseph Loughborough has got work in Public Collections in South East of England he has achieved many awards and associations, selected Courvoisier Guardian Future500 Artist shown in St Petersburg Russia, ‘The Museum of 20th & 21st Century’, Art BMW museum of Culture in Munich, ‘The Louvre Carrousel’ D’art Urbain Paris and many other prestigious venues around the world.
  • Robert Sample’s works feature monochromatic figures sculpted in oil paint with such skill that they instantly recall the works of the masters of the Renaissance or Religious Art.
    His work talks to us about alienation, the ever widening gap between personal experience and the disorienting and kaleidoscopic chaos of the globalized cultural world around us. The people in Sample’s work are on the edge and are neglected; they struggle to connect with society. They neither fit in nor have they found spiritual solace. What we see here laid bare is everyone’s struggle for meaning.
  • Bael’s work has attracted wide attention in the UK and abroad for its dark and unique vision, with his delft touch and precise line work using ink on paper his works have a feeling of simplicity with depth, structure and poise. As a result he has been featured in international art and fashion publications and his works hang in hundreds of private collections in London, America, and across Europe.  

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