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8 John Adam St WC2 20th May 2024

Exhibition runs until 31st May, weekdays only 11-7pm

Ben Oakley Gallery’s Off Site Adventures Continue…


Ben Oakley Gallery was formed in 2010 to create a platform for all emerging artists and has built a commanding roster of loyal UK & international mid to established career artists since. Always encouraging a strong female cast from its inception this exhibition continues in that vein presenting four experienced women artists the gallery has been working with for over a decade, each artist working in a diverse genre using an array of mediums.
We are delighted to present ‘WOM-EN-COURAGE’ with Jo Peel, Kim Tong, Nikki Hill Smith & Yvonne Wayling in the spectacular 18th Century Subterranean Vaults at the Royal Society of Arts House WC2. Artwork on sale will cover Abstract Expressionism, Urban City Landscapes, Portraiture and Figurative painting using Oil, Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas.

Jo Peel is a painter, print maker, animator, and film maker. She is best known for her distinctive line drawings documenting ever changing city landscapes. Peel has worked extensively around the world to capture and record in detail the urban landscape around her and a specific moment in time. Inspired by the process of change, particularly the ways in which a city comes to develop its own personality and culture, she often works in acrylic and spray paint. Her exploration of urban metamorphosis is executed in a variety of mediums ranging from large scale public murals and hand painted animations to screen prints. Her works have been commissioned for a wide variety of clients including Chanel, The Southbank Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and was the first female artist to create a Street Art installation at the glorious Chelsea Flower Show.
Artist Kim Tong
Kim’s practice consists of etchings, digital prints, figurative drawings, and sumptuous layered glazed oil paintings that combine gestural, symbolic, and abstract elements. Whilst at Goldsmiths she completed her PhD the Sur(real) Sublime (1997). Shortly after leaving Art School Kim founded Tart Art, a feminist collective that exhibited widely and performed live drawing and painting performances and murals across London. She was active in the early days of the London women’s art movement, writing for WASL, exhibiting work for the first three Brixton Women’s Art Collective exhibitions.
Nikki Hill Smith
Studied BA Hons Fine Art Painting & Art History & MA Fine Art Painting at university Brighton.
“It’s not so much what to paint as how to paint, the “how” being the significant form. The emphasis on the actual process of making a painting. A dialogue with the grammar, the language of painting. The laws of chance. Natural and unreasonable order just held in check. Fragments of a voluptuous world. An approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the objects of direct experience.  Neither of which benefits from narrow definition, the truth is in the dialogue, and this is constantly changing, as conversations do. A rapport between painter and canvas. An invitation to the viewer to participate. To expose the guts of the process.
Yvonne Wayling was born in London and studied Fine Art at Loughton College where she was tutored by Bill Woodrow. It was during the punk movement of the late 1970s, where she studied fine art before majoring in graphic design graduating in 1984 as a fellow of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers. Yvonne now works across a variety of mediums, including spray paint. Her work blends contemporary street art and classic imagery, taking inspiration from British wartime propaganda, retro advertising and 1950s Hollywood glamour, with a focus on beauty, femininity, nature. Exhibited globally in the early 2000’s she combined her skill set to pioneer spray painting portraits & wildlife onto Chanel & Champagne Bottles creating magnificent back lit stain glass like installations in the windows of many prominent London Venues. One of which was a huge commission of 167 unopened Alcohol Bottles. Yvonne continues to exhibit and work on canvas plus a variety of salvaged substrates breathing new life into otherwise discarded objects from her London studio.
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