Here we go, here we go, another high impact exhibition gliding into Ben Oakley Gallery seamlessly for July 2022.  Here we do a 180 spin from the inner city architectural paintings of Greenwich by Jo Peel and Go ‘OUTSIDE’ with David Bray into the countryside of Kent Sussex and Suffolk. For this show Bray has gone big deep and moody with a phenomenal series of paintings for this his fourth solo abstract Landscape show at the B.O.G. Using acrylic on canvas Bray layers his paintings with a confident yet delicate touch creating a depth and intrigue that draw you into a peaceful atmospheric location. Each painting has fields in abundance of abstract expressionism and energy incorporating spontaneous gestures that you connect with instantly, transforming the conceptual definition of what landscapes can be.

Over the last 5 years Bray has up scaled from postcard sized paintings to Metre Square Masterpieces that I’m sure you’ll fall in love with as we have. Once again!!

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Created by Jason Boughtwood