A Solo Exhibition by Ben Oakley FRSA

Friday 13th October 7pm – Runs until 5th November



A Solo Exhibition

Ben Oakley FRSA

(British, born London 1966)

Over the last twenty-five years Oakley has immersed himself in the Contemporary & Urban Art World as an Artist & Curator, this year he has been nominated and accepted for a Fellowship at the Royal Society of Arts.

It has been Oakley’s compulsion to reassemble, paint or both onto specifically curated items from his collection, shaping them into one off Objet d’art with a twist, in Oakley’s words

‘Urban Assemblage’

The title ‘ I Hadn’t Imagined it this Way’ relates to everyday life but in this context it’s

Oakley’s inspiration and creative process on how an initial concept can end up so differently.

Being surrounded by a huge variety of distinctive objects always excited Oakley and he continues to collect & use them in his work today.


“Ben Oakley is nominated to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in recognition of his on going tireless successful championing of urban & contemporary artists in particular his highly unique passion and enthusiasm for this art to be recognised understood and accessible by people of all walks of life, regardless of age background etc, has meant that through his award winning Greenwich Gallery and numerous exhibitions a highly diverse range of local and international artists whether sculptors mixed media fine art- are rightly recognised by an equally diverse population- opening up new possibilities both within and around these communities and notwithstanding his modesty, significantly contributing to the well being of others through the positive impact that art has on the well being of all.

Many Thanks
Ben & Helen Oakley   

Thanks as usual for your continued support.

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