Exhibition runs until 1st October

‘Everything’ shows a selection of drawings from the past two years, from a continuing series or diary-cataloguing museum visits. I say museum, but is also Galleries, libraries, bookshops, and record shops – museum gives me the self-illusion of something academic and learned. It’s an excuse to head back in to the city and experience a bit of city life and is a great counterpoint to sitting in fields and painting nature. It’s a gateway to coffee shops too. The drawings are almost notations of the day. There would definitely be a story or reason for them though they seem to get lost to time and reason and become purely visual markers, existing in their own right. We’ve been privileged to work with David Bray for the last decade & some. His imagination and many mediums style & genre’s never cease to amaze us. From fine art illustration, Acrylic Paintings depicting Mythological Neolithic, Pop, Abstract Landscape to his very own satirical and observational cartoons. A genuine powerhouse in the art department on that we can all agree.

We have Stergin a multi instrumentalist performing in the basement. 

“This is music that you just couldn’t have heard five years ago. It’s completely in the now, in the moment trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible and what can be done.“

(Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music)

In this one off live performance Stergin will perform with his bass clarinet, sound effects & an ambient score inspired by David Bray’s illustrations.

Always fresh, always free, always something great to see, join us on the Opening night, the artist will be in attendance.

Many Thanks
Ben & Helen Oakley   

Thanks as usual for your continued support.

Fairy Divider

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